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11th July 2016

Link International distribute motorcycle parts, accessories and tyres to the motor cycle dealer, mechanics and repair industry. The company is a highly acclaimed industry leader in the motorcycle industry. Their TOTECS eCommerce website fulfills on 4 main functions:

  • Promotes motorcycle riders and events that the company sponsors that demonstrate the high performance of their product range
  • Allows consumers to research their extensive product catalogue based on motorcycle make/model part search
  • Provide a dealer login allowing dealer, mechanic and repairer customers to browse the product catalogue, review commercial pricing and stock availability, place sales orders online and check their account plus reprint / pay invoices online
  • Give sales reps a login to Repspace so that the can switch between customer accounts and place online orders as they travel around to different customer.

Link International's TOTECS Platform integrates seamlessly with their Micronet Distribution ERP system through the TOTECS connector software. The integration is configured to synchronise the following:

Fundamental to the development of the Link international website is the make/model facilities for product search. The company had an extensive printed catalogue that matched up product codes to the myriad of make/model/year combination that exist. This data was maintained in a set of spreadsheets with varying degrees of abbreviations to ensure the data fitted neatly in a compacted form on the printed page. TOTECS worked directly with the Link International catalogue managers to develop a set of Excel macros that iterated each make/model/year combination in the product spreadsheets and produce a normalised data set that could then be imported into a Make/Model management software application. This application was developed to fulfill on three main task:

  • Provide a central repository with an intuitive user interface so that appointed staff could maintain and expand the make/model/year database.
  • Provide export routines that can generate the condensed Excel files for use in future printed catalogues.
  • Synchronise the make/model/year parts catalogue to the TOTECS platform so that consumers and customers could easily browse the extensive catalogue.
  • Fast facts:
  • Months from initial meeting to Go Live: 8 months
  • Year of first online order: 2010