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The single most relevent benefit of Integrated eCommerce is purely being able to do business online and automating processes for the benefit of customers having 24/7 access and your team having more time to get things done.  

If up to 50% of inbound phone calls are eliminated, 30 - 40% of orders placed online, freight booked and payment for goods processed, your online catalogue becomes the most important sales, marketing and customer service asset for your business.  TOTECS is your online Superhero and can handle it all.  Better still, you get to enjoy what you do best which is growing and nurturing your business. 

So you might be thinking can the TOTECS Platform really do the job?  We know it can because every one of our clients wins on their TOTECS Platform everyday.  

The bigger question is are you up for the challenge?  You see, the TOTECS Platform is powerful because eCommerce websites can be deployed and tailored to the way you do business.  That's a cool concept but there is a little bit of elbow grease required to get the outcome you want.  We start by having a chat and learning what makes your business tick and discovering more about your online vision and strategy.

If you want to reap the rewards from a powerful Integrated eCommerce Platform as many others have, then we invite you to complete the form below so we can get started.  


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