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A Fast And Cost Effective Way Into Integrated eCommerce


Integrated eCommerce is a win for progressive businesses looking to unlock the benefits of automation by selling online through an eCommerce Platform that integrates seamlessly with their Accounting/ERP software.  Equally, end user customers or sales reps can make quick decisions and place orders instantly by accessing up-to-date product catalogue, pricing, stock and account information online through any device.  

Typically, designing and deploying a fully featured B2B/B2C integrated eCommerce website has historically been slow, tedious and expensive.  Often projects take months or years to complete and what sounds like a set of simple requirements turns into much more complexity.  Once live, customising is difficult or impossible and a re-design means start again.

Fortunately, there is now a much better way with the TOTECS Master Website Design or MWD for short.  Simply choose a proven layout, deploy, integrate, add branding and customise as required.  MWD websites are designed based on the latest web and eCommerce standards. They are built for high ranking search, mobility, easy of use and automation.

If your website is looking old and outdated, isn't fully secured, or operates on an old platform, then a TOTECS master website design is the quickest and most cost effective way to profit from Integrated eCommerce.

Watch how Integrated eCommerce and MWD come together on TOTECS

See the latest 11.4 release and learn about all the features and functionality that a TOTECS Master Website Design content managed website contains, and how you can leverage it in your own business.


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